How to Check Axis Bank Credit Card Application Status

Axis Bank Credit Card Application Status – Know how to track or check Axis Credit Card Application Status Online:

This article is written to let you know how Axis bank credit card is to be applied online and how to check AXIS bank credit card application status online. 

Having a credit card of an esteemed bank is no more considered to be a matter of luxury and pride for the holder. Rather, it is regarded to be an important and crucial financial tool with which the holder can enjoy varied benefits when shopping online, from physical stores, refueling gas or petrol, booking air, train, hotel or cinema tickets, dining at restaurants, for buying jewelleries and so on. As a matter of fact, the usage of credit card is not just limited to any particular domain, but can be utilized for a variety of things. It can be stated that life without a credit card, in this fast paced life means being incomplete and handicapped.

Why Axis Bank Credit Card?

Axis Bank has been considered to be among the top banks in the country as well as within the private sector. It has managed to offer a variety of financial products and services to its customers all over the country and is known for its priority banking. You can use the site, which allows you to have your account maintained properly and receive updates with regards to the procedures in an extensive manner.

Furthermore, this bank does provide a variety of premium based credit cards like Privilege Credit Card having Unlimited travel benefits and Signature Credit Card having Lifestyle benefits. This bank allows its customers to have their card designs personalized according to their choices and also provide numerous benefits on using the card.

It is possible for you to have the features and benefits of the credit card to be customized depending upon your specific needs and requirements. Applying for Axis Bank credit card and checking the status can be useful.

Choice of credit cards from Axis Bank:
  • MY Business card
  • MY Wings card
  • MY Zone card
  • MY Choice card
The article is divided into 2 sections. The first section contains instructions on how to apply for Axis bank credit card. Next is how to track Axis Bank credit card application status online. We will soon post the instructions on how to check Axis Bank credit card statement online.

  • If you have already applied for Axis bank credit card, please skip the below section and check the next section that explains how to check Axis Bank credit card application status online.

How to apply for Axis Bank Credit Card?

While applying for Axis Bank credit card, it would be essential to know about the eligibility check. These simple procedures are to be performed online.

Step 1: 

Visit site link Please check that you are under ‘Products’ -> ‘Cards -> Credit Card menu option.

Step 2: 

You will be shown different types of Axis Bank credit cards. The cards for which you can apply through online will be having ‘Apply Now’ button enabled along with ‘Know more’ button. Please note that some credit cards are available by invitation only. Click on the ‘Apply Now‘ button of the card type as you desire. 

Step 3:

Check your eligibility by entering the required details. You have to click on the button ‘Check your eligibility’ after filling the details.

Axis bank credit card status 

Step 4:

If you are eligible for getting Axis Bank credit card, you will be proceeded to next page where you will be asked to provide few more details about you. If you are not eligible, you will be not forwarded to that page. Enter the required details and click on ‘Submit Application’.

Axis bank credit card application online

If you have Axis bank account, then your credit card application will be processed fast.

Note: If you cannot apply for Axis bank credit card online, please contact the customer care for further assistance from the bank.

Axis Bank Credit Card Types:

There are different type of credit cards being provided by Axis Bank. Please find them below.
  • MY Cards
  • Premium Cards
  • Co Branded Cards
  • New Launches
  • Other Credit Cards
Following categories of every credit card is to be understood to choose the right one:
  • Documentation & Eligibility
  • Benefits and features
  • Charges and fees
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Value Chart

How to check Axis Bank Credit Card Status?

It is much easier to check Axis bank credit card application status online. Generally, the time taken for you to receive the applied credit card is about three weeks. To avail updated information about the latest status of your application are as follows:
  • Step 2 – Please enter your mobile number and Application ID submitted carefully.
  • Step 3 – Next click on the submit button and instantly get to see the application status that is pulled from the bank’s database.
The status would clearly provide the details of when you would be having the credit card in your hand. Checking the exact status is very much easy and using the simple, but effective steps, the status can be accessed. 

Also, you can create an account by signing up with the site using 8 digit password, which makes your application status checking to become easy and simple. By signing up, you can check all your applications in your account dashboard.

Hope this article is helpful for you to know how to apply for Axis bank credit card online and how to check Axis bank credit card status online. We will soon post the instructions on how to check Axis Bank credit card statement online.

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