How to Check SBI Credit Card Application Status Online

Check SBI Credit Card Application Status Online Tracking – Know how to track or check SBI Credit Card Application Status Online:

This article is written to let you know how SBI bank credit card is to be applied online and how to check AXIS bank credit card application status online. 

The demand and popularity of credit cards have increased manifolds in the country with time. The reason is because people have realized how credit cards can enhance their comfort and luxury and can assist them in all situations. Carrying a credit card in hand would mean, the person no longer has to carry huge amounts of cash with him that may be risky at times. The credit card on the wallet is a much safer option and can be used at any place that offers such facilities, without any hassle. Moreover, there are many banking institutions that do offer rewards, points, offers and discounts on using their credit cards, which means the cardholder would benefit immensely from holding and using the card often.

Check SBI Credit Card Application Status Online Tracking:

Step 1: 

Visit official webpage for tracking your SBI credit card application status –

Step 2: 

Click on ‘Track Application’.

 SBI credit card application status online
Step 3: 

Click check application status tab and enter application number.

Step 4: 

If you do not have credit card application number, then click ‘Retrieve Application’.

Step 5: 

Enter PAN card Number and Date of Birth

Step 6: 

Click Retrieve button for checking status

This way, you can check for SBI credit card status.

Once you have applied for SBI Credit card and desire to have the status of the application to be known, then you can do so in simple steps over the web. On an average, the time taken for applicants to receive their card is about three weeks from registered date. It is stated to be the time that is taken for having the requests processed to receive the credit card from card dispatch date. Between getting the card in hand, you are likely to have a month gap. But you can have the application status of the credit card to be checked whenever you desire online and get to know by when you would be exactly receiving it at the address specified for delivery.

Having the details with regards to the SBI credit card can prove to be useful when the further enquiry is concerned, to check balances, etc. Once the card is received, it is necessary for you as the holder to check that the information provided on the card is accurate or not. Having some details entered can be useful for knowing the application status in a short period of time.

Why go for SBI credit cards?

State Bank of India or SBI as it is known in short popularly is undoubtedly the best bank when it comes to applying for credit cards. The reason is because this bank is considered the best and top most national bank in the country offering a variety of financial products and services to benefits its customers. Moreover, this bank also is said to have a huge number of branches spread across the country and present in cities, towns and even in villages and more are expected to come in the near future. 

People who are not working in MNC companies like to apply for SBI credit card as it is a National bank and some people feel that is always good and safe to deal with national banks instead of private banks operating in India. Also, people who have the bank account with State Bank of India undoubtedly go for SBI credit cards as it offers more convenience to check SBI credit card statement online and paying the bills.

SBI Cards are used by people all over the country for numerous purposes and to save money. SBI cards are stated to be a joint venture between GE Capital and State Bank of India. As an applicant, you are offered with a variety of credit cards to choose from. Online application for credit cards is much easier and quick, not involving any kind of hassle.

Types of SBI credit cards:

  • Lifestyle cards
  • Reward cards
  • Shopping cards
  • Travel cards
  • Banking Partnership cards and more.

  • If you have already applied for SBI credit card and just want to check the SBI credit card status, please skip the below section and scroll down to the next section directly.

How to apply for SBI Credit card online?

  • Visit SBI official page for applying for credit cards –
  • You do not need SBI credit card login to apply or know the status of SBI credit card.
  • Check the different credit cards available under different categories mentioned above. Few of the cards are mentioned below. SBI Platinum card, SBI 
  • Signature card, Air India Signature card, Air India SBI Platinum Card, Mumbai Metro SBI Card, IRCTC SBI Platinum card, Yatra SBI card, Advantage Platinum card, Simply Save SBI card, Simply Click SBI card, SBI Signature contactless card, 
  • Click on ‘Apply Now’ button located on under the cards.
    SBI Credit card application online
  • The system would next lead you to the application form.
  • You have to provide the correct details like Name, Date of Birth, city, occupation, qualification, annual income etc.You have to verify your mobile number after entering the mobile number. You will receive and OTP which you need to verify.


Please read the terms and conditions carefully before applying for the credit card.

Hope you find the article ‘Check SBI Credit Card Application Status Online Tracking‘ useful. We will soon post an article on how to check SBI credit card statement online.

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